Reduce bills with Attic insulation

Insulate your home from the cold
and invest in your future

A home without Attic Insulation is one of the quickest ways to waste money in your home this winter.

Would you put a tea cosy around your pot and not over the top?

  • Attic Insulation works the same way but in your home, working to conserve the rising heat generated from your heating system.
  • Attic Insulation is regarded as one of the most cost effective solutions when aiming to improve the energy efficiency of your Home.

Payback for this measure will take 3/4 years in the average home.
As insulation measures go, this is an exceptional return on your investment.

Do you already have Roof Insulation?

Great! Just be sure that it’s a minimum of 300mm in depth. And is made of Rockwool or it’s equivalent. Not sure about either? Get in touch and we can help you figure it out.


Reduce Your Energy Costs

Future proof yourself from the rising costs of energy by investing now in your biggest asset, your home. Call today for a free quotation. 

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Future proof yourself from the rising costs of energy by investing now in your biggest asset, your home. Call today for a free quotation. 


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4 reasons to insulate your attic:

1. Energy Savings: By insulating the attic, heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer are reduced. This helps maintain a more constant temperature inside the home, decreasing the need for heating or air conditioning systems. The result is lower energy consumption and reduced utility bills.

2. Thermal Comfort: Proper attic insulation helps maintain a more comfortable temperature inside the house, eliminating extreme variations in heat or cold. This enhances living comfort and makes the indoor environment more pleasant in all seasons.

3. Prevention of Moisture-Related Damage: Good attic insulation can help prevent condensation and moisture formation within the structure. The presence of moisture can cause structural damage and promote the growth of mold and fungi, posing a health risk to inhabitants.

4. Structural Longevity: By reducing temperature fluctuations and preventing moisture, attic insulation can contribute to preserving the structure of the house over time. This can result in a longer lifespan for structural elements such as beams and pillars, leading to lower maintenance costs in the long term.

Ceiling Level Insulation:

A top up of your home’s roof insulation over the existing layer is typically proposed when the attic has less than 300mm, this can equate to a top up of anywhere up to 300mm of insulation.

In some cases when none is present new insulation up to 300mm depth is provided. Additionally, we offer the installation of a raised insulated walkway to your cold water storage tank or solar PV hardware, furthermore we install a raised insulated storage area (5m2 altogether) in your roof space.

Creating a walkway and storage space in the attic is a great opportunity for maximizing its utility. In some cases, draft proofing the attic access hatch will be suggested this prevents warm air in the home from escaping through the ventilated attic space.

Proper sealing of gaps, cracks, and openings will help improve energy efficiency. Roof ventilation will be recommended in cases where required, this is designed to help regulate humidity which can further extend the life of your roof structure and reduce the risk of condensation and damp which left untreated can lead to mold or sometimes rot in the structural roof trusses.

Sloped Ceiling Insulation:

Sloped ceiling insulation is proposed for homes whereby the wall and ceiling insulation do not meet at a 90 degree angle.

When insulating these types of homes, walls and roof areas of a sloping section if left untreated is at risk of condensation or thermal bridging at this junction. In these cases it may be recommended that sloped ceiling insulation should be installed.

The material used for this upgrade will include insulated plasterboards. These boards are fixed to the interior surface of the sloping ceiling. Later the plasterboards are finished with a skim coat plaster and undercoat of paint only.

These measures will thoroughly enhance the comfort of the indoor environment. It helps to eliminate drafts, cold spots, and temperature fluctuations, making the living or working space more comfortable and energy efficient.

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