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Ventilation is a key element to be addressed when improving the energy performance of a home. Living in a home means moisture is being produced on a regular basis from cooking, washing and even breathing. Ventilation means your home is healthy. Good ventilation creates a positive airflow in your home, circulating ‘good’ air while purging your home of ‘bad’ air and removing excess moisture from your home.

Why you need Clean, Fresh Air in your Home Breathing, dust and dander, cooking, chemical cleaning products and open fires all pollute the air you breathe. In your home. All these free-floating particles, coupled with the moisture that naturally occurs in your home, can combine to form a cocktail of microscopic, airborne pollutants. This is particularly significant if you suffer from a respiratory disorder. Like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Your home is like a set of lungs. It needs to breathe and exchange old air with new air. 

What is Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)?
Demand Control Ventilation provides you and your home with the right amount of fresh air, when you need it. DCV removes ‘old’ air from your home and circulates fresh air. At all times. In a draft freeway. DCV units are sensitive to humidity. When the air in your home has an excess of moisture, air is automatically recycled with clean, fresh air. DCV’s are a fully ducted ventilation units. They can monitor carbon dioxide, humidity and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC… mould to you and me). Most have a ‘presence detection’ feature and will automatically re-circulate the air in a room once your presence is detected. In the same way photosensitive lights will turn on when you enter a room

What is Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR)?
Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery works by recovering the heat in the air being lost through fresh air vents, instead the heat is exchanged using a MVHR unit. The system works by supplying fresh air to rooms in your home or business premises while extracting moisture and heat from wet areas such as toilets and kitchen spaces. Warm stale air is removed from the building through grilles and ductwork; it is then passed through a heat exchanger which transfers some of its heat to the colder incoming fresh air. Encon supply and fit the latest heat recovery systems available.

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Future proof yourself from the rising costs of energy by investing now in your biggest asset, your home. Call today for a free quotation. 

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Future proof yourself from the rising costs of energy by investing now in your biggest asset, your home. Call today for a free quotation. 


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